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KMX Fashion has been charming Polish women with excellent design and high quality of their products for 25 years. It skillfully links classic elegance with the up-to-date trends and the women’s needs. To catch up also with the technological changes, the brand launched online sales, but its image needed a bit of refreshing.

KMX Fashion - Classic, Sensual, Feminine...


At the beginning we took care of the KMX’s logo. We wanted to underline the brand’s top qualities: elegance, classics and high quality. As a next step we ran an online and press campaigns, because even the brands which are strong on the market need to promote their new sales channel.



The logo gained a modern character, without losing the layout known to the regular customers and close to the company’s founders. It presents itself excellently on the Internet, on the advertising media and, above all, on the brand’s products. Because of the well planned campaign we reached new KMX’s receivers, who are eager to use the online sales form.

KMX Fashion - Classic, Sensual, Feminine...
KMX Fashion - Classic, Sensual, Feminine...
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