World of many colors CSV



CSV group has been on the automotive market for 25 years focusing on production and distributing varnishing chemistry. Industrial paints, car lacquers, tools, and car shop equipment are part of this company’s wide offer. The products had to be presented in a form that appeals to specialists in that specific industry.

CSV - World of many colors


Wide variety of products, four known and valued brands. For each of them, we designed a product catalog. We focused on a unified and clear presentation of products while having aesthetics and simplicity in mind. Professional products and their full specification - there was no place for mistake. Everything had to be perfect.

CSV - World of many colors
CSV - World of many colors


During the collaboration with CSV Group, we created four products catalogs for brands: QRS, balsac, sia, and GOLDCAR. Their design is unified with a big focus on details. This is how we do it at SO FINE!

CSV - World of many colors
client: CSV Group
services: branding
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