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The ICRC Centre is one of the Europe’s biggest training and exhibition centers prepared with the automotive branch in mind. Within 15 years of its activity it hosted over 25 thousands of specialists from the furthest parts of the world, and still, up to this moment, it did not possess an attractive promotional folder. In addition, the company did not know how to efficiently use social media in their communication.

ICRC - One place, many possibilities


While working on the folder, we focused on the brand’s distinguishing features – the elements which not only characterize the ICRC but also allow it to stand out from the competition. The main trainings’ topics are varnishing and choice of paints and because of that we based the folder’s graphic concept on colours and iconographies. We also ran a professional photo session for the project’s needs.

Apart from the folder, we also made a practical social media training for the ICRC. We wanted to transfer the basic knowledge in an accessible way to prepare the company’s employees to communicate on Facebook and LikedIn on their own.


ICRC gained the tools of efficient promotion, communication and creation of its image. Thanks to the social media activity they can gain new clients and build closer relationships with their partners, while a modern folder allows an attractive way of presenting the center’s offer and possibilities.

client: ICRC
services: branding
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