Let's think the unthinkable.
Let's do the undoable. Douglas Adams


In SO FINE, we believe that communication is not a simple broadcast but a relation that needs to be developed and cherished. We know what to do so that you could reach your receivers and enjoy your company’s successive achievements. 


Our work culture is based on four strong pillars:



  • Knowledge 
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Customer support


Thanks to this, in SO FINE we can guarantee that you will work with a team of professionals.


We always try to get to know our customers well. We analyse their past activities, their situation on the market, their targets, capabilities and limitations. We investigate their competitors and determine potential receivers. Only then do we plan and introduce the best solutions. We do everything to create contents and tools that engage the senses and evoke emotions. 





We are an interactive communication agency. Our activities go far beyond designing websites, running Facebook profiles or buying advertising space. We skillfully connect marketing strategy, graphic design, technology and social media to promote your brand in an effective way and to achieve specific results.


We have got experience in, amongst others: building new brands, introducing products to the market, supporting startups, creating digital communication strategies, increasing sales, organizing and promoting events, communicating cities with their residents, employer branding, planning and running advertising campaigns. 


SO CITY Your Information Centre, created with wide communication in mind, was individually adjusted and successfully introduced in Szczecin. Szczecin Information Tool constitutes today the heart of the city’s information system.

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