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A new port in town? Why not! From concept creation to grand opening and promotion. We were faced with the task of promoting a completely new place, a completely unique food court in Galaxy Shopping Gallery. It's a place no mall has ever seen before! So does this promotion.



Who does not know the famous Pasztecik or Grzybek? Thanks to such symbols, the new gastro-space in Galaxy fits in with the climate of Szczecin. We started our activities by creating the entire visual identity, a new website, a video blog, planning numerous promotional events and PR activities. For starters: a graffiti jam session to inaugurate the start of construction. How else to reach new users? Of course - through the stomach to the heart. That is why we organized a series of culinary events. The icing on the cake was Galaxy Foodport Cup - the first basketball tournament in Poland! We feel victorious! The culmination? Timelapses of the construction. Day after day, hour after hour, our cameras followed the progress of the work to create a unique video.

Foodport Galaxy - New port in the city centre
Foodport Galaxy - New port in the city centre


It was happening! The event was chasing the event, each attracting hundreds of participants and making our hearts beat faster. No food court has ever seen such a promotion! Our actions brought the intended effect: every day the catering part of Galaxy is filled to the brim.

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