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#ECSzczecin2019? Artistic gymnastics? Championships? Since the beginning, we had many difficult questions!

Our creative department was faced with another not so easy task. We had to promote a sports event that was not very popular in Poland. We decided to make the potential audience love artistic gymnastics and have an amazing time with us during championships. The biggest challenge we faced was essential correctness. After many expert consultations, we realized that gymnastics is incredibly complicated, and information about that sport is difficult to find. After the first few posts we knew - fans of gymnastics are pedantic when it comes to facts about their favorite discipline.



We had to get educated first! Our team had to do deep research about the rules of artistic gymnastics. We reached for materials shared by European Gymnastics Union themselves. We had to cover the smallest details and rules of that beautiful sport. Our team learns the names of the figures, punctuation system and kinds of apparatus. It was absolutely necessary information to have in order to handle communication with the fans of that discipline. After many hours of researching, we were ready! Our agency was able to create content attractive for connoisseurs of that sport and appealing enough to interest people who had no experience with artistic gymnastics.

While working on ECSzczecin2019 social media profiles we had one idea in mind: to show how challenging and beautiful artistic gymnastics really is. Our work was an introduction to an event that was an amazing show full of almost superhuman skills.

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We cheered and really got into gymnastics! For a few weeks, that event was the only thing we could think about! 8th European Championships in Artistic Gymnastics is on the list of our successful projects. We have created 209 Facebook posts full of athletic emotions that reached almost 4 million people on Facebook. Since the beginning of the project, the number of Facebook page fans had grown by over 600% and almost 1000% on Instagram. We sold basically all the tickets. ECSzczecin2019 has made history as an unforgettable event that happened in Szczecin.

Even some of our teammates became committed fans of gymnastics…

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