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In 2016 the promotional website of Stettin needed refreshing. The main assumption of the project was to change the obsolete form of presenting the content, adjusting the portal to all mobile devices, improving the quality of using the website and adjusting it to the WAI requirements.

Szczecin.eu - Floating Garden 2050


We prepared an entirely new navigation. To avoid overwhelming the user with the quantity of the content, we divided the menu into two separate modules and underlined the most important sections. Thanks to all this, the way of reaching the most essential information is much shorter. We also introduced comfortable filters to the lists of attractions or places worth seeing - it allows quicker searching. We added a similar mechanism to the rich calendar of the city’s events.

In addition, the service is presently integrated with Visit Szczecin mobile application for tourists, which uses its data base and with Stettin News information service and mobile applictaion, from which the contents are published on the home page szczecin.eu.


The city’s promotional website gained an entirely new, frugal layout and an intuitive navigation, without losing the coherence with the Szczecin Floating Garden brand’s identification system. The user experience was significantly improved: the portal became friendly for mobile devices users and visually challenged people; and thanks to the clear information division with different groups of receivers in mind – easier to use for the citizens and the tourists.

Szczecin.eu - Floating Garden 2050
Szczecin.eu - Floating Garden 2050
client: Miasto Szczecin
services: web development
website: szczecin.eu
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