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The city of Szczecin has been implementing the Szczecin Floating Garden 2050 strategy for a few years now. It has been introducing successive elements having in mind the city shape’s vision and an up-to-date “smart city” world trend. In pursuance of the latest it wanted to communicate with the citizens effectively using new technologies.


With the wide communication with the citizens in mind, we developed SO CITY Your Information Center system. It consists of: an Internet information service, a mobile application and a panel for the administrators to manage all the published contents. In addition, the tool allows publishing a flash news bar on other websites and information carriers, such as information monitors on public transportation means.



We adjusted the SO CITY to the specified city and introduced it at the end of 2016. The tool called Stettin News became the heart of Stettin’s information system. All the information is integrated in one place, what simplifies the managing and quick publications on all available channels. It’s also a great convenience for the residents who can track all the news and have them –literally – at hand.

Stettin News - Your Information Centre
Stettin News - Your Information Centre
Stettin News - Your Information Centre
Stettin News - Your Information Centre
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