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NETTO is a dicount supermakets chain, known and appreciated by consumers all over the Europe. However, the image of polish department was far from the modern trends, which was significant, especially when compared to other, competitive stores.



We prepared a modern, functional and a user-friendly project of service. We also developed a newsletter coherent with the new image of the website. In addition, we took care of NettoAktywni project, both - the graphic layout and programming works. The website that builds the society around the brand was made in RWD technology, which was just entering by then.

NETTO POLAND - More for less


The refreshed website allowed an easy and pleasant navigation in the service and thanks to its functionality users can find all the requested information very fast. NETTO, which at the beginning was falling behind its competitors, overtook them with its modern and professional online image.

NETTO POLAND - More for less
client: NETTO
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